Downtown San Diego Views

To see one of the best views of Downtown San Diego, I drive across the bridge to Coronado and walk along the sidewalk at Centennial Park. The beaches at Coronado are my favorite for stepping into the ocean and getting some sun, but Centennial Park is perfect for an afternoon stroll.

San Diego + Golden Hour = Magic

Beach Getaway


I’m always on the hunt for sweeping views of the ocean and I absolutely love living on the West Coast where there are plenty of options to discover new beaches. There’s something so serene and peaceful about gazing out into the ocean and listening to the waves crash onto shore. I live in California so I’ve only really experienced the beaches in San Diego | Los Angeles | Bay Area, but I would love to travel further up north towards Washington to see what the rest of the coast has to offer.

If anybody lives along the West Coast outside of California, I would love to hear your favorite beach destinations!





La Jolla Shores


One of my go-to places in San Diego for a nice weekend activity is La Jolla. I’m always able to find free parking and I love going down by the beach to see the adorable sea lions and enjoy the sweeping views of the ocean. Plus, there are lots of cute shops and restaurants to visit in the downtown area that’s just a 5-10 minute walk up from the beach. La Jolla is just one of the many reasons why I fell in love with San Diego and highly recommend going here if you’re in the area!





San Diego Harbor


I’ve been living in San Diego for almost a year now but I’ve never explored Seaport Village before. Even though it was June Gloom, I decided to get down there early in the morning on a Sunday to beat the crowds and enjoy what the village had to offer in peace. What I found surprised me and I felt that there was something new to look at every time I turned a corner. Not only did Seaport Village have a great view down by the water, but there were so many interesting buildings and shops around that made for great window gazing. I’ll definitely want to come back another day when the weather isn’t so gray!










A Taste of Spain in California









Going to the Mission Inn Hotel & Spa was like being transported to Europe with its grandeur architecture and design. Believe it or not this hotel is situated in the quaint city of Riverside in California and not somewhere magical like the distant lands of Spain. Once you walk in through the front gates, you enter a beautiful landscape filled with royal columns and arches, lush greenery and a sense of romanticism. This was the perfect place to get away from all the stress of daily grinds/headaches and to just relax in a place of peace and tranquillity.